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Listening to the experiences of others and observing others can make a difference in your lifestyle and thoughts, Treasurer of Sonopant Dandekar
Shikshan Mandali Hitendrabhai Shah was speaking at an inaugural function of the Human Library, a unique initiative organized by R. H. Save Library of
Sonopant Dandekar College. He stated that we can become strong only by listening to the manifest and intense self-experience of others. College library initiated this project with the seed idea of Shri. Hitendrabhai Shah. Through this program, many students are inspired to express their personal and social life experiences. About Twenty Five students shared their experience and thoughts.

Tech Novation: The Department of I.T (Senior College) had organized an online competition “Tech Novation” in April 2020. The objective of the event was to create recreational opportunities for the students and to give them a platform to showcase their talents. It will create interest amongst the participants on topics and areas which are of great demand in current market. The department of I.T faculty members organized the event. The competition prizes include cash & certificates. Various events were included in the competition such as Video Interview: This is Me!, SQL Query Quiz, Web Designing, Ad-Making, PPt making. All the competitions were held online and the students participated by making their videos and solving the questions online under the supervision of the faculties. The result of the competition was as follows :

  1. Video Interview (This is Me ! )
    • 1st Rank – Ms.Priyadarshini Thevar (T.Y.I.T)
    • 2nd Rank – Mr. Vishal Mandave (S.Y.I.T)
    • Consolation – Ms. Shivani Nayak (T.Y.B.Sc)
  2. SQL Query Quiz
    • 1st Rank – Ms. Siddhi Vaishya (S.Y.I.T)
    • 2nd Rank – Mr. Rinni Patil (S.Y.I.T)
    • Consolation – Ms. Namrata Gupta (T.Y.I.T)
  3. Web Designing
    • 1st Rank – Mr. Shivam Maurya (F.Y.I.T)
    • 2nd Rank – Mr. Shiba Kar (T.Y.I.T)
    • Consolation – Mr. Jay Mokal (S.Y.I.T)
  4. Powerpoint Presentation
    • 1st Rank – Ms. Sayli Raut (T.Y.I.T)
    • 2nd Rank – Ms. Dipika Dhule (S.Y.I.T)
    • Consolation – Mr. Karthik Gupta (S.Y.I.T), Mr. Anshu Thakur (S.Y.I.T)


December 06, 2019 – The Regional round of the Yuva Bhushan 2019 Competition conducted annually by Yuvak Biradari was organized in Sonopant Dandekar College, Palghar on December 06, 2019. Over Three Hundred students from Jr. and Sr. College have participated in the event from Commerce/Science/Self Financing and XI/XII Classes. The Cash prizes awarded were up to the tune of Rs.11,000/-. The competition was conducted in the following Rounds:

  1. Round 1
    • Aptitude Test (150 marks)
    • Values Self-Assessment (25 marks)
  2. Round 2
    • Group Discussion(25 marks)
    • Personal Interview(25 marks)
    • Physical Fitness(25 marks)

On the basis of Round 1 and 2 the top three meritorious participants at each Regional Centre scoring above 150 Marks out of the Total 250 Marks
received cash prizes of Rs.5000, Rs.3000 and Rs. 2000 respectively.The following Students were qualified for the Final Round and were awarded the cash prizes.


Sr.No. Students Name Awarded
1 Mr. Manas Patil (XI Science) Rs.5000/-
2 Mr. Adarsh Jha (TY. Comp. Sci) Rs. 3000/-

Consolation Prizes

Sr.No. Students Name Awarded
1 Mr. Neel Mehta(S.Y.B.Com) Rs. 750/-
2 Ms. Farhana Shaikh(F.Y.B.Com) Rs. 750/-
3 Ms. Abhilasha Bansal (S.Y.B.Com) Rs. 750/-
4 Mr. Harsh Gharat (XII Commerce) Rs. 750/-

The Core Committee members responsible for successful conduction of the competition:

  • Dr. Kiran Save, (Principal, SDSM College)
  • Mr. Ashwin D. Bhagat (Coordinator for Yuva
    Bhushan 2019)
  • Mrs. Juita Raut (Dept. of I.T)
  • Ms. Sayalee Jadhav (Dept. of I.T)
  • Mr. Ahmed Shaikh (Dept. of I.T)


The Governor of Maharashtra and the Chancellor of the Universities in the State of Maharashtra, Hon’ble Shri. S.M. Krishna had initiated Avishkar Research Convention in the academic year 2007-2008. The convention is designed with the intention to develop a research culture and scientific temper among the students, scholars and teachers from under-graduate to doctoral level in the state of Maharashtra. Avishkar Research Convention for Academic Year 2019 (Zonal Round) had been organized at Sonopant Dandekar College, Palghar on 7th December 2019. About 14 colleges with 52 innovative research projects in various streams participated in this convention. About 12 groups from various streams from our college participated in the same research Convention.In teachers category Mrs. Sapna B. Jadhav (Asst. Professor, Department of Physics) presented her project on LIGHTWEIGHT AND THERMALLY STABLE AEROGEL BLANKET and she won Gold Medal at zonal level. On 4th January 2020 Mrs. Sapna B. Jadhav won a gold medal at the university level, Avishkar Research Convention Final round and got selected for Inter University level competition. She also won Silver medal at state level Avishkar Research Convention. The following project were submitted in the Zonal Round.

Sr. No. Subject Area Project Title Participants Project Guide
1 Pure Sciences Best out of waste :- Extraction of gelatin from fresh water and marine water fishes
  • Ms. Sana M. Shaikh (Msc Biotechnology)
  • Ms. Manisha M. Vishwakarma (Msc Biotechnology)
  • Ms. Anuradha Mishra (Msc Biotechnology)
Ms. Runali Prashant Raut
2 Pure Sciences

Liquid chromatography- Tandem Mass Spectrometric Method for Simultaneous Determination of Rutin and Quercetin from

Leaves of Azadirachta indica A. Juss.

  • Mr. Siddhesh B. Mangaonkar (Ph.D)
  • Ms. Siddhi Mhatre (Ph.D)
Dr. Willy J. Shah
3 Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

Comparative analysis of phytochemicals & antimicrobial activity of four plants- Tridax procumbens(coat buttons), Carica

papaya (papaya), Trachyspermum ammi (Ajwain) , Mentha piperita(Mint).

  • Mr. Siddhesh B. Mangaonkar (Ph.D)
  • Ms. Siddhi Mhatre (Ph.D)
Ms. Runali Prashant Raut
4 Pure Sciences Hempcrete(Hemp Concrete) : Replacement for concrete
  • Ms. Sunidhi Mishra (M.Sc)
  • Mr. Satyawan D. Pandey (M.Sc)
Mrs. Sapna Bakul Jadhav
5 Pure Sciences Simultaneous determination of Rutin and Quercetin in Azadirachta indica A. Juss. using HPTLC technique
  • Ms. Siddhi Mhatre (Ph.D)
  • Mr. Siddhesh B. Mangaonkar (Ph.D)
Dr.Willy Shah
6 Engineering & Technology Self Driving Car
  • Ms. Niti N. Gharat (T.Y.CS)
  • Mr. Roshan R. Patil (T.Y.CS)
Mrs. Vaishali Kantute
7 Engineering & Technology Prevention and control system against Corona Virus using Arduino.
  • Mr. Vishal J. Mandave (T.Y.I.T)
  • Mr. Sahil. S. Shinde (T.Y.I.T)
Mr. Ahmad Shaikh
8 Pure Sciences Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Neural Network
  • Ms. Divya K. Patil (S.Y.I.T)
  • Ms. Sejal. S. Patil (S.Y.I.T)
Ms.Bhakti Narendra Raut
9 Pure Sciences Android application for Steganography
  • Ms. Ruchika Bourbon (S.Y.I.T)
  • Ms. Aarti Chauhan (S.Y.I.T)
  • Ms. Kalpana Mishra(S.Y.I.T)
Ms.Bhakti Narendra Raut
10 Pure Sciences Iot enabled Smart Band for COVID-19 containment zone identification
  • Mr. Utkarsh RR. Mishra (S.Y.I.T)
  • Mr. Shivam Maurya (S.Y.I.T)
  • Mr. Yuvraj Prajapati (S.Y.I.T)
Ms.Bhakti Narendra Raut
11 Pure Sciences Intelligent hydroponic farming using IoT
  • Ms. Shweta R. Panchal (S.Y.I.T)
  • Ms. Rebeca G. Kolekar (S.Y.I.T)
  • Ms. Apeksha Bodhere (S.Y.I.T)
Ms.Bhakti Narendra Raut
12 Social Science Yoga as an alternative medicine for working woman
  • Ms. Vaishnavi P. Karnik (S.Y.B.A)
  • Ms. Mishkhat Najam (S.Y.B.A)
Lt. Anagha Padhye-Deshmukh
13 Pure Sciences Development of metal free carbon nitrate (C3N4) catalyst supported of porous carbon aerogel for CO2 capture
  • Mrs. Sapna B. Jadhav (Ph.D.)
Dr.Pradip B.Sarawade
14 Pure Sciences Preparation of cost-effective filter pad for the face mask showing antiviral, antifungal & antibacterial properties
  • Ms. Sweety Anjani (M.Sc II)
Mr. Tejas N. Chaudhari
15 Engineering & Technology How can we use IoT in E-learning
  • Ms. Satnam B. Kour (S.Y.C.S)
Mrs. Janhavi Raut
16 Humanities Uplifting nascent and impoverished areas in Palghar Taluka
  • Ms. Vaishnavi Jadhav (S.Y.BMS)
  • Ms. Saher Maniyar (S.Y.BMS)
Ms. Shreya mishra
17 Commerce, Management & Law Can decimal prices lead to generate black money ?
  • Mr. Neel Mehta (T.Y.B.Com)
Dr. Manish Deshmukh
18 Pure Sciences Synthesis & Characterisation of Mixed metal complexes
  • Ms. Priyal B. Raut (M.Sc II)
Dr. Dilip Yadav
19 Humanities Studying the effect of pandemic on the special population for designing a solution focussed therapeutic module.
  • Ms. Krutika Patel (M.com-II)
  • Ms. Sejal V. Panchal (M.com-II)
Ms. Shreya Mishra
20 Pure Sciences Detection Of Hazardous Gases Using Nanomaterial Gas Sensors
  • Ms. Sayli K. Barde (M.Sc II)
Dr. Dilip Yadav

In order to create awareness among the students about glorious history and historical heritage, a Fort Building Competition was organized for students of
Sonopant Dandekar College, Palghar. Total 62 teams from junior and senior colleges participated in the competition and made replicas of the forts. Replicas were made not only of the major forts in the history of Maharashtra but also of the forts like Kohoj, Yashwant (Shirgaon), Arnala, Kaldurg- Mahim, Watchtower (Kelve) in the Palghar area. Apart from this, Raigad, Panhalagad, Vishalgad, Sindhudurg, Pratapgad, Shivneri, Sinhagad, Daulatabad fort, Murud Janjira, Gwalior forts were also included. About 350 students took part in the competition and shown that this new generation is also proud of
their culture and history.

“Youth Festival or Yuva Mahotsav” is an intercollegiate cultural competition conducted by the University of Mumbai. Competition in the categories
of Dance theater, Music, Fine Arts and literary events are organized Youth festival is the breeding ground for young talent and it is a platform where the young artists are given opportunities to showcase their talent. The following students have participated and bagged prizes at different events.

Youth Festival Prizes


  1. Mr. Rohan Gawande
    • 3rd in Western Instrumental (Youth Festival final)
    • 2nd in Instrumental ( L.S. Raheja College, Santacruz)
    • 1st in Duet singing ( St. John College, Palghar)
    • Participated in Indian Group Song, Western Group Song, Western Instrumental
  2. Mr. Rohitsing Rajpurohit
    • 1st In Standup Comedy ( N.B. Mehta College, Bordi)
    • 1st in Duet singing ( L.S. Raheja College, Santacruz)
    • 1st in Rap singing ( St. John College, Palghar)
    • Consolation in poetry ( N.B. Mehta College, Bordi)
  3. Mr. Divyang Godhakiya
    • 1st in Duet singing ( St. John College, Palghar)
    • 1st in Solo singing( L.S. Raheja College, Santacruz)
  4. Mr. Hikmat Wod
    • 1st in Duet singing ( L.S. Raheja College, Santacruz)
    • 1st in Solo singing ( N.B. Mehta College, Bordi)
  5. Miss. Khushboo Yadav
    • 1st in Duet singing ( St. John College, Palghar)
Fine Arts
  1. Miss. Mishkat Najam
    • 1st in Mehendi (Sonopant Dandekar College)
    • 1st in Mehendi (Youth Festival Zonal Round)
    • 2nd in Mehendi ( St. John College, Palghar)
  2. Mr. Vrushal Raut
    • 1st in Cartooning (Sonopant Dandekar College)
    • 3rd in Cartooning (Youth Festival Zonal Round
    • Consolation in Cartooning(Youth Festival Final Round)
  3. Miss. Priya Dhanu
    • 1st in Rangoli (Sonopant Dandekar College)
    • 2nd in Rangoli (Youth Festival Zonal Round)
    • 3rd in Rangoli (Youth Festival Final Round)
    • 3rd in Flower Arrangement (St. John College, Palghar)
  4. Mr. Mehul More
    • 1st in Spot Photography (Sonopant Dandekar College)
    • 2nd in Spot Photography (St. John College, Palghar)
  5. Mr. Siddesh Patil
    • 1st in Clay modelling (Sonopant Dandekar College)
  1. Dance Form : Hikkat From Kashmir
    • Anup Shende, Chaitanya Jadhav, Rupesh Babar, Sagar
      Zanje, Vipul Bheskar, Sanskruti Tandel, Priti Sutar,
      Samruddhi Thule, Komal Upadhyay, Srushti Dhanu
  2. Consolation in Folk Dance(Youth Festival Zonal Round)
  1. Theatre Participants
    • Neha Urade, Dhanashree Patil, Arati Chavan, Vaibhavi
      Rathad, Mansi Tamore, Niti Dhodi, Mansi Chavan,
      Neha Mishra, Namira Shaikh, Vaishnavi Karnik,
      Parvati Desai, Mitali Gharat, Shivraj Yadav, Harshad
      Churi, Rutik Shejole, Keval Patil, Anoj Yadav, Vidyesh
  2. Consolation in Folk Dance(Youth Festival Zonal Round)
  3. 1st in Hindi Mono Act (Youth Festival Zonal Round)
  4. 2nd in Marathi Skit (Youth Festival Zonal Round)
  5. 3rd in Mime (Youth Festival Zonal Round)
  6. 1st Hindi Mono Act (St. John College, Palghar)
  7. 1st in Marathi skit (St. John College, Palghar)
  8. Consolation in Marathi Skit (Vartak College, Vasai)