Vice Principal

Prof (Dr.) Tanaji Pol
( Vice Principal )

“Don’t say we have nothing, we need to bring out the best within ourselves.”

     Sonopant Dandekar as an institute upholds the mission not only to educate the masses but to create "A CLASS APART". We as its administrators strive towards our mission through commitment to the transformative power in form of varied education courses narrowing the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical world. Creating the foundations in the classroom by embarking new ideas, new ways of understanding and diverse environment where each student transforms itself intellectually. In this diverse environment we aspire that learners fashion their lives by gaining a sense of what they want to do with their talents, values interest and serve the world at its best.
     For me a child is not a vase to be filled but a candle to be lit where as the head of institution I firmly believe to bring an intellectual transformation fostering their young minds to discover their true selves. Today’s era has witnessed technological advancements at its peak with perceptible change in people’s attitude towards career. We endeavour and assert to create a value based education with a holistic approach to help them stand apart in the crowd.
     Besides rigorous scholastic programmes conducted at the institution we seek to combat the challenges confronted and continuously strive towards quality education coupled with variety of co – curricular activities. Encouraging learners to participate in research programs, creating mock parliaments to rock shows where individuals display their potentialities and unfold their journey towards practical world. My mission continues to develop the learners and faculties, without whom budging things would be difficult. Lastly all activities are strived towards churning out conscientious, smart, confident citizens of India who will go out in the world and make us PROUD!.

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