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Late Shri Vaikubthavasi Sonopant Dandekar

Sonopant Dandekar Arts, V.S. Apte Commerce and
M.H. Mehta Science College, Palghar

     Late Shankar Vaman alias Sonopant Dandekar, the scholar of highest degree, philosopher, strong protagonist of Varkari Sampradaya highly revered in Maharashtra, the great narrator of “Jnaneshwari” was the son of the soil. He perceived a need to establish an institute of Higher Education in this area that could satisfy the thirst of Higher Education of the youths of the area. After his passing away as per his desire, the people of Palghar established SonopantDandekar Shikshan Mandali which could cater the need of higher education of this economically, socially and culturally backward area of Maharashtra.
     Sonopant Dandekar Shikshan Mandali was founded in August 1968 by the lovers of education to commemorate Late Sonopant Dandekar. He used to express his desire that a town like Palghar be bestowed with a model institution, which could cater the need of higher education of this economically, socially and culturally backward area of Maharashtra.
     Sonopant Dandekar Arts, V.S. Apte Commerce, and M.H. Mehta Science College, Palghar, stands as a testament to the vision and dedication of its founder, Late Shankar Vaman alias Sonopant Dandekar. Established in 1970, with handful of 150 students the college was born from the desire to provide higher education to the economically, socially, and culturally diverse community of Palghar. Today, it boasts a vibrant campus with state-of-the-art facilities, offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs.
     With a strong emphasis on inclusivity and social justice, the college has been a beacon of hope for first-generation learners, tribal communities, and women in the region. Through scholarships, freeships, and support mechanisms for visually impaired and handicapped students, the college has opened doors that were once closed.
     Beyond academics, the college actively promotes communal harmony and cultural exchange through its NSS and NCC units, which have received accolades for their contribution to community and nation-building. The institution's commitment to values is evident in its efforts to curb ragging and promote gender equality, environmental awareness, and social commitment.
     The college's research committee has been instrumental in fostering a culture of research among faculty and students, with numerous projects completed and published. Additionally, the college offers a range of add-on certificate courses to enhance students' talents and personality development.
     Despite being located away from the epicenter of development, Sonopant Dandekar College has excelled in providing modern and need-based education to the rural and Adivasi youths of Palghar district. With its dedicated faculty, staff, and resources, the college continues to write its success story, enriching lives and shaping futures for many years to come.
     Sonopant Dandekar College is a co-education institution with 2(F) and 12(B) status since 1972. It is the first college of Higher education in western part of then the Thane District.
     Over the near five decades with its ability it reaches for its excellence. Armed with confidence in the roots and with the faith in its “support system”– its faculty, staff and resources, Sonopant Dandekar College will continue its success story for many years to come.

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