Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar: Planning of various activities by institution and observance of national festivals

Academic Calendar is prepared for

  • As a road map for staff and students to conduct a year around activity
  • Planning of conduction various activities by institutional level and observance of national festivals
  • Benchmarking the activities
  • Evaluating academic pathway and make a plan for success.

Content of Academic Calendar

  • Details of Working Days and Holiday Days
  • Tentative Programs to Academics and Examination
  • Celebration of National Festivals
  • Schedule of Parents Meeting
  • Tentative List of Extension Activities and Cultural Programs (Observance of various days)

Prepared & Approval

Academic Calendar is prepared in the beginning of the academic year is prepared by IQAC and approved by IQAC chairperson and CDC Chairperson.


For communication with stakeholders Academic Calendar is displayed on College Website and shared with students and teachers through WhatsApp and other media.

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