Driving Excellence: A Legacy of Quality & Lifelong Learning

For the past five decades has fostered excellence in education. As we embark on our next chapter, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) remains committed to upholding our legacy and propelling the institution towards even greater heights. As an IQAC we are striving our efforts based on SAMR model.

The IQAC serves as the institute’s internal quality enhancement mechanism, working diligently to:

  • Establish and monitor quality parameters for all academic and administrative processes.
  • Regularly evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of our teaching-learning practices.
  • Promote a culture of quality consciousness among faculty, staff, and students.
  • Develop and implement innovative initiatives to continuously improve academic and administrative processes.

Through rigorous self-assessment and a commitment to continuous improvement, the IQAC is instrumental in ensuring that institute remains at the forefront of quality education. Further, By progressively integrating technology through the SAMR model, the IQAC aims to move from basic substitution to a more transformative approach to quality assurance, ultimately leading to a culture of continuous improvement and beyond.

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