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More than a magazine, I'm your college story.

      In today's digital age, where information flows freely, a college magazine might seem like a relic. But beneath the glossy cover lies a unique space that fosters something irreplaceable – community. It's a platform where teachers, learners , not algorithms, curate content that reflects the authentic energy of campus life. This magazine transcends the sterile pages of a handbook. It delves into the vibrant, world one navigates every day.

      It's a space that celebrates the diverse voices and experiences that make our college one-of-a-kind. Every year the institute has its own theme contributing towards community and taking baby steps towards Sustainability.

      So, if you're looking for a deeper connection to your campus and a fresh perspective on college life, this magazine is your gateway. To be part of this editorial contact IQAC co-ordinator: Mr Mahesh Deshmukh or his editorial team for further details.

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