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Asst. Prof. Mr. Raju Tandel & Asst. Prof. Mr. Rohit Gaikwad, Programme Officer.

In the academic year 2019-20, Three Hundred First, Second and Third year students of Sonopant Dandekar College, Arts, Commerce and Science were admitted in the NSS squad. The following programs were organized by the National Service Scheme team for the holistic development of student volunteers, development of their personality, inculcation of a sense of national unity and social service in them, and participation in solving social causes.

International Yoga Day :

On 21st June 2019, on the occasion of International Yoga Day, a demonstration program was held with the help of Ambika Yoga Seva Kendra. For this event Director of the Ambika Yoga Seva Kendra Mr. Kashinath Patil and seekers of the centre Mr. Kiran Tambulkar, Mr. Yogesh Patil, Mr. Manikan, Mr. Ketan Gharat, Mrs. Rajshree Patil presented. Students were taught important asanas of yoga by this all seekers of the centre. Mrs. Rajsree Patil explained to all student about why Yoga is important in our daily life? And what are the rolls played by Yoga in student’s education. For this event from SDSM college NSS Program officer Mr. Raju Tandel, Program officer Mr. Rohit Gaikwad, Prof. Yadao More and students of NSS from different streams of the college were presented.

 Tree Plantation :

On 23rd July 2019 in collaboration with Palghar Forest department and Sonopant Dandekar College together held the Tree plantation programme at Palghar. Trees are planted like Pimpal, Neem, Karanj, Sonkeshar and Banyan tree nearer to Palghar-Boisar route in front of fire brigade office on empty land. This programme was inaugurated by Deputy Collector Mr. Vikas Gajre and Deputy Tehsildar Mr. Chandrakant Pawar. The closing ceremony was held in the presence of Sonopant Dandekar College Treasurer Hitendra Shah, Secretary Atul Dandekar and Principal Dr. Kiran Save.

Hutatma Day and Independence Day :

A silent rally was held on 14th August 2019 from the college to Hutatma Stambh to pay homage to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in the Palghar area to liberate India from the yoke of captivity. All the students of NSS were present at that time. Head of the Institution Adv. G.D. Tiwari offered a wreath to the martyrs. Principal Kiran Save carried a wreath and paid his homage to the martyrs. Also, all the students of NSS were present at the ‘Independence Day Ceremony’ held at the college on 15th August.

International Youth Day :

International Youth Day was celebrated on 12th August 2019 by the volunteers of National Service Scheme and District Supervisor of District AIDS Control Palghar, Prafullata Churi and his colleagues. Prafullata Churi and her colleagues together informed the volunteers about AIDS. After that, the volunteers worked to free the college premises from plastic.

NSS Leadership Development Camp :

Mumbai University and Sonopant Dandekar College jointly conducted 5 days Leadership Development Camp under National Service Scheme from 15th to 19th August 2019. In this camp from 28 colleges 49 participant participated particularly from Bhyander to Talasari and Khodala to Palghar. The purpose of the camp was to acquaint the college students with the National Service Scheme, to develop their leadership qualities, to undertake various programs for constructive change in the society and at the same time to develop their personality and make them aware of the present situation.

Eye check- up camp :

An eye examination camp was organized on 22nd August 2019 in the college. Volunteers of National Service Scheme assisted in this. College teachers, staff, students from various disciplines as well as NSS volunteers took advantage of the camp by checking their eyes.

National Service Scheme Day :

September 24 is celebrated as National Service Scheme Day. The program was planned by the students themselves. Principal Dr. Kiran Save was invited as the Chief Guest. He told the students about the bright tradition of NSS of SDSM College and gave lectures to the students on the results and satisfaction of participating in social work. After that, trees were planted in the college premises.

2 October Ahimsa Rally :

Sonopant Dandekar College and Lions Club of Palghar jointly organized a non-violence rally on 2-10-2019. Through this rally, efforts were made to inculcate the idea of ​​non-violence in the society and to create good relations in the society. Thoughts of many dignitaries advocating non-violence were displayed on boards. A symbolic chariot was drawn for the rally. The role of Mahatma Gandhi was played by Sai Gharat, a former student of NSS and the role of Kasturba Gandhi was played by Pranali Thakur.

Voter Awareness race :

Voter Awareness Run was organized on 9th October 2019 under the Collectorate Palghar SVEEP program. Its main objective was to create awareness in the society about voting and appealed to the people to ‘let’s vote’. 50 volunteers of National Service Scheme of Sonopant Dandekar College had participated in this.

National Unity Day :

Celebrated the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel on 31st October 2019 as National Unity Day. NSS volunteers vowed to uphold national unity.

NSS Special Residential Camp :

A special 7-day residential camp was held in Katale from December 25 to 31. 150 volunteers participated in this camp. In this camp, students built Vanrai port and participated in various competitions.

Cleanliness Drive :

On 5th January 2020, NSS volunteers carried out a cleanliness drive at Kaldurg Fort, Waghoba. The main organizer was Professor Bhushan Bhoir. 50 NSS volunteers had participated in this campaign.

Street Play :

On 17th January 2020, B.Sc Nursing students of JJ College performed a street play on the disease of ‘Seeker Cell’. Students of National Service Scheme assisted in organizing this program. College NSS as well as junior college students took advantage of the program.

26 January 2020 :

On 26th January 2020, Bahujan Samata Prabodhini, Virar awarded Sonopant Dandekar College an insignia for its outstanding work in various social fields through the National Service Scheme. Volunteers from NSS visited Ranle Lake, Samata Nagar, Manvel Pada Virar East. Awareness about reducing the use of plastic was created through street plays. Students Kanchan Baisane, Pragati Patil, Vaibhav Patil, Pranali Patil, Arpita Kini, Jidhnya More, Jaya Dhodi, Rohan Patil, Viraj Sagne, Tanmay Patil performed street plays.

Mangrove plants cleanliness campaign :

On 20th February, 2020, the work of cleaning the Mangrove Plant near the beach at Shirgaon was done by the volunteers of NSS and the Rotary Club of Palghar. The members of the Rotary Club informed the students about the different types and species of Mangrove and Professor Bhushan Bhoir showed them the life in the Shirgaon Sea and gave information about it.

Participated in various camps and competitions :

SRD selection camp :

On 27th August 2019 Arpita Kini, Pranali Thakur and Dyneshvar Dalvi had participated in SRD selection camp at Bhayender organised by Abhinav College.

 Clean -A –Thon :

On 8th September 2019 Jaya Dhodi had participated in Cleanliness Campaign called Clean-A-Thon at Juhu beach Mumbai jointly organised by   Raji Foundation and United for greater cause.

 Utkarsh Selection Camp :

On 19 September 2019 Khusal Jain, Dyanshwar Dalvi and Karishma Jain had participated in Utkarsh selection camp organised by St.Joseph Arts and Commerce College Satpala.

State Level Residential Camp :

Manoj Bhagat, Abhijit Gond and Arpita Kini had participated at State Level Residential Camp

All the activities of the National Service Scheme were guided by all the office staff of the Institution, principals of the colleges and supervisors. Professor Vivek Kudu contributed as former District Coordinator Palghar, University of Mumbai. Professor Rohit Gaikwad, Professor Bhushan Bhoir and Raju Tandel contributed their work as Program Officers. Jaya Dhodi, Nil Mehta, Arpita Kini, Tanmay Patil, Dnyaneshwar Dalvi, Pragati Patil provided valuable support.

NCC Boys

Maj. B. K. Sakhare

National cadet corps (NCC) unit started since 1972. It belongs to 3 Maharashtra BN NCC Mumbai ”A”. The Cadet strength allotted to this unit by battalion is 56. On the occasion of 15 August and 26 January, special parade is organized by NCC Cadets.

The regular weekly parade of cadets is conducted on every Saturday between 7.30 am to 12.30 pm. The parade is carried out in six periods. The cadets warm up by taking physical training, and then various classes like drill, map reading, weapon training, health and hygiene and social service are conducted under the supervision of Maj. B. K. Sakhare and PI staff of the Battalion.

Beside the weekly parade NCC cadets participates and help in the various activities carried out by the NGOS and governmental authorities.

Various types of camps organized at Battalion, Group Level, Directorate level and National level during the academic session. NCC cadet should attend at least one camp of 10 days which is a necessary condition for appearing ”B” certificate examination and two camps each of 10 days which is necessary condition for appearing “C” certificate examination conducted by NCC organization.

This year NCC cadets completed the following camps and participated in other extra curricular activities other than regular parade.

The NCC Cadets attended the following camps:

03 May to 12 May 2019: CATC Sr. No. 402 was conducted by 8 Mah. BN NCC Mumbai at S.D.College Palghar. Maj B.K.Sakhare along with 05 NCC cadets has attended this camp (1) CQMS Ajay Ramakant Aahadi (2) SGT Vinit Radheshyam Sharma (3) Cdt Sushant Balu Rokade (4) Cdt Maunish Anand Thakur (5) Cdt Hrutik Kiran Dhanve.

03 June to 12 June 2019: CATC Sr. No. 403 was conducted by 3Mah. BN NCC Mumbai at Mankhurd. Total 05 NCC cadets from our college has attended this camp.   (1) SUO Nikhil Bhagwan Medha (2) JUO Dheeraj Munnalal Vishwakarma (3) Cdt Rahul Pandharinath Gaikwad (4) Cdt Satyam Pavan Jha (5) CSM Vikas Subhash Yadav

04 July to 13 July 2019: Panvel CATC NIC was conducted by 8 Mah BN NCC Mumbai ‘A’ at Panvel. Total 07 cadets has attended this camp and completed   successfully. (1) JUO Dheeraj Munnalal Vishwakarma (2) SUO Nikhil Bhagwan Medh (3) CSM Vikas Yadav (4) Cdt Hrutik Dhanve (5) Cdt Rahul Gaikwad (6) Cdt. Sushant Rokade (7) Cdt Pratik Mayekar.

24 July to 04 Aug 2019: CATC Sr. No. 404 was conducted by 3 Mah. BN NCC Mumbai at Uran. Total 05 Cadets has attended this camp and Completed Successfully. (1) CPL Pramod Gangaram Govari (2) Cdt Rajendra Behara (3) SUO Nikhil Bhegwan Medha (4) Cdt Sanni Patel (5) Cdt Naveen Sharma.

06 Aug to 16 Aug 2019: IGC camp was conducted by Amravati Gp at Amravati. Total 02 cadets has participated and completed successfully.(1) SUO Nikhil Bhagwan Medha (2) CDT Sanni Patel

04 October to 13 October 2019: CATC Cum RDC Sr. No. 407   was conducted by 6 Mah BN NCC Mumbai ‘A’ at Kalyan. Cdt Satyam Jha has attended this camp and completed successfully.

17 October to 26 October 2019: CATC Sr. No. 405 was conducted by 6 Mah. BN NCC Mumbai at Kalyan. Total 05 Cadets has attended this camp and Completed Successfully. (1) JNU Parmanand Harinath Shah (2) CPL Satyam Sanjay Pandey (3) Cdt Vijay Patwa (4) Cdt Prathmesh Pawar (5) Cdt Satyam Jha.

04 November to 13 November 2019: IGC camp was conducted by Pune directorate at Pune. Our NCC cadets JUO Parmanand Harinath Shah has attended this camp and completed successfully.

04 November to 13 November 2019: EBSB camp was conducted at Uttarakhand .

Our NCC cadets Rahul Pandhrinath Gaikwad has attended this camp and completed successfully.

11 November to 22 November 2019:  All India Treking camp was conducted by Tirupati Directrate. Our NCC cadets SUO Nikhil Bhagwan Medha and SGT Vinit Radheshyam Sharma has attended this camp and completed successfully.

27 Nov to 06 Dec 2019: Shivaji Treak was conducted by Maharashtra Directorate at Kolhapur. Our SUO Satyam Dhumal has attended this camp and he perform the camp senior duty successfully during the camp.

09 January to 18 January 2020: CATC 410 camp was conducted by 5 EME Mumbai ‘A’ at Kalyan. Total 07 cadets has attended and completed successfully (1) SGT Roshan Bhuyal (2) CPL Mahesh Bujad   (3) Cdt Ratish Govari (4) Cdt Sandesh Hadal (5) Cdt Anil Parmar (6) Cdt Akash Behera (7) Cdt Alkesh Rajbhar.

NCC cadets Participation in other activities:

16 June 2019: Pulse Polio campaigns was conducted by Rural Hospital, Palghar. Our 15 cadets actively participated in this campaigns and visited door to door for giving polio dose to the children below 5 years.

21 June 2019: On occasion of ‘ YOGA DAY’. Our NCC Cadets gather together at Amalani Student Rest in the college campus and celebrate the ‘International Yoga Day’ by performing   the different types of Yogas in the presence of Maj. B.K. Sakhare, Associate NCC Officer, S.D.S.M. College Palghar.

06 July 2019: Tree Platation Programme was conducted by NCC unit 42 NCC cadets has participated for this event. Total 86 sapling was planted during this event.

11 July 2019: Cleanliness Drive was conducted by the NCC unit. NCC cadets spreade the message of  importance of cleanliness for the health through this activity.

01 August 2019: Blood Donation camp was organized by Maharashtra Blood Bank at Rural Hospital, Palghar. Cadets assisted hospital management in organising patients and 44 eligible cadets donated the blood to the Blood Bank.

18 August 2019: Monsoon cycle rally was organized by Rotary club of Palghar. 24 NCC cadets assisted organizers in management and helped in controlling traffic in this rally.

26 August 2019: Handling and Road handover of Baton regarding Swacchata Abhiyan through Cycle Rally was conducted byGoa, Maharashtra, Gujrat and Karnataka Directorate level. 16 NCC cadets from our college along with the Maj. B.K.Sakhare had participated in this event and handover the ‘Baton” to Gujrat Directorate.

15 September 2019: Pulse Polio campaigns was conducted by Rural Hospital, Palghar. Our 41 cadets actively participated in this campaigns and visited door to door for giving polio dose to the children below 5 years.

17 September 2019: Cleanliness Drive was conducted by Railway station management Palghar. Our 36 NCC cadets has participated in this cleanliness drive and cleaned the Plaghar railway station and surrounding area.

27 September 2019: Cleanliness Drive was conducted by NCC unit Palghar. Our 36 NCC cadets cleaned R.D. centre, Canteen area and open auditorium area and spread the message of cleanliness.

02 October 2019: “Ahinsa Rally” was organized by S.D.S.M College in collaboration Lions Club of Palghar on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. 53 NCC cadets had participated in the rally and spread the message of Ahinsa and social peace.

06 October 2019: In Connection with “Vote for Nation” A Rally “Vote for Nation run” was conducted by District collector. Our 38 NCC cadets had participated and spread the message of voting in the elections.

19 November 2019: “Hum Badlenge India “seminar was organized by NCC unit. The Mrs. Kale was the speaker invited for this seminar. Our 52 NCC cadets had attended seminar and took the oath of not disturbing the Government as well as the private property.

01 December To 15 December 2019: Swacchata Pakhawada was conducted by NCC unit as for schedule given by the BN. Our 44 NCC cadets had participated and cleaned the Botanical Garden of Sonopant Dandekar College huge area as well as painted small walls which are located on both sides of path of principal bunglows.

19 December 2019:  NCC day was celebrated by I.Y. College, Jogeshweri ; some events are arranged in the college during the function. Our NCC cadets achieved 2nd prize in 5 kmrun and 2nd prize in 400 meter relay. (1) Ajay Aahadi (2) Prashant Rokade (3) Pratik Mayekar (4) Anil Parmar (6) Rahul Gaikwad (7) Pradip Jadhav (8) Trunal Gowari.

23 December To 24 December 2019: On Occasion of social Gathering of Sonopant Dandekar College, Palghar. Our NCC cadets assisted college discipline committee to   maintain the discipline during the events in the college campus.

09 Jan. 2020: Pulse Polio campaigns was conducted by Rural Hospital, Palghar. Our cadets actively participated in this campaigns and visited door to door for giving polio dose to the children below 5 years.

NCC organization conducted ‘B’ & ’C’ certificate examination in Feb 2020. Our 13 cadets appeared for the ‘B’ certificate examination and 15 cadets appeared for ‘C’ certificate examination.

Satyam Mohan Dhumal and Nikhil Bhagwan Medha worked as Senior Under Officers. Dheeraj Munnalal Vishwakarma and Parmanand Harinath Shah worked as Junior Under Officers in the academic year 2019-20.


Sr.noDateTitle of ActivityOrganizing unit /Agency/Collaborating AgencyNumber of Teacher coordinated such activities Number of cadets participated in such activities
11/06/19 to 10/06/19ATC cum RDC (selection camp)8 Girl Bn & S.D.College02 ANOs350 (20 from S.D.College)
221/06/16International Yoga DayGovt of India& 8 Girls Bn & College NCC unit01 ANO45
316/06/19Pulse Polio ProgrammeGovt. Hospital Palghar01 ANO40
406/07/19Tree PlantationNCC Unit01 ANO42
526/06/19Anti Drugs Day (Awareness) RallyGovt. Hospital Palghar01 ANO35
611/07/19Awareness on ill effects of ‘Plastic’8 girls Bn01 ANO30
722/07/19 to 25/07/19Visit to Naval base of Karvaar.S.D.College NCC Unit02 ANOs60
815/09/19Pulse Polio ProgrammeGovt. Hospital Palghar01 ANO45
930/09/19Swachhata Pakhwada AbhiyanGovt of India& 8 Girls Bn & College NCC unit01 ANO40
1001/10/19Swachhata Pakhwada AbhiyanGovt of India& 8 Girls Bn & College NCC unit01 ANO35
1102/10/19Ahimsa Rally Lion’s Club of palghar & S.D. College01 ANO40
1206/10/19Vote for Nation RunLocal Govt.01 ANO45
1301/12/19Swachhata Pakhwada AbhiyanGovt of India& 8 Girls Bn & College NCC unit01 ANO30
1404/12/19Streetplay on Segregation of Waste8 Girls Bn01 ANO47
1507/12/19Plogging8 Girls Bn01 ANO40
1607/12/19Plogging8 Girls Bn01 ANO45
1719/01/20Pulse Polio Programme Govt. Hospital Palghar01 ANO40

Awards and recognitions received for extension activities from Government and other recognized bodies during the year.

Title of the activityAwards/recognitionsAwarding bodyNumber of students benefitted
ScholarshipChief Minister ScholarshipState Government01